Exiles, outlaws and descendants of those who were left for dead on Earth many years ago. These people have been living in a radioactive wasteland for many generations and it left palpable marks on their appearance, lifestyle and, as any Vanguard soldier will be quick to tell you, mental health.

Hiding deep below ground and occasionally emerging on the surface in search of food and supplies, the last of the planet's inhabitants were like vermin digging into the body of a corpse. With food shortages, frequent hazards and the population slowly shrinking, they were destined to eventually disappear altogether.

That changed when the Black Blizzard, a prolonged environmental disaster created by drought, erosion and dust storms, forced the lost sons and daughters of Terra to flee their dying homeworld.

Now, the self-proclaimed “Deprived” are launching a space program from scratch. Spurred on by a mixture of hope, anger and resentment, they want to claim a piece of space to call their own. Even if it means seizing it from others.