Eclipse INC.

Countries, planets and even entire star systems — nothing is too big for Eclipse Incorporated to call its property. What started out as a small mining facility on the outskirts of Ancora quickly grew into the all-engulfing corporate behemoth everyone knows today.

Gargantuan factories full of worn-out workers, hot-tempered billionaires gambling away their fortune, informants risking their lives for snippets of intel – Eclipse’s presence can be felt behind every shady deal and corporate acquisition that influences and twists the lives of millions.

Odysseus, a planet that harbors the corporation’s headquarters, is a capitalist wonderland where artists, scientists and engineers work together to shape the bizarre world of tomorrow. They serve as a glamorous façade for an austere establishment where back-stabbing and back office politics are the order of the day. All under the supervision of MINERVA, of course - a mysterious Board of Directors.

No one knows how old the Directors really are — it’s impolite to ask — but being the original founders of the company puts them somewhere between five and six hundred years.