In-depth Customization

Each vessel type in Starfall Online has a unique set of attributes: hull size, space for various types of equipment, different slots for on-board weapons, energy capacity and others. Depending on the loadout, a single spaceship can perform a variety of tasks.

Watch your ideas and strategy
come to life

Build whatever fits your strategy best - quick, agile scout ships, heavy defensive cruisers, support ships, assault carriers and many other types. In fact, the spaceship editor is so flexible that we fully expect players to come up with their own ideas for ship builds.

Spaceship customization also extends to fleets. By assembling certain types of ships, fleets can take on a variety of roles, depending on the situation at hand. You could have a whole fleet dedicated to just supporting your fellow commanders in team matches. Perhaps, a balanced mix of offense and defense is the best option for this particular match? Or maybe, it’s time for a full offensive with huge guns and massive fire power?

In Starfall Online, you are the architect of your victories.

Freedom to express your play-style

In Starfall Tactics, every vessel can be equipped with a module that grants a certain skill or utility. This can completely change the way you interact with a ship and its abilities.

For example, the Warp Jump module allows you to quickly traverse space by teleporting to different points on the map. Use this module if you want to quickly jump into the fray with a big, nasty battle dreadnaught. Alternatively, equip it on a smaller ship and use it as a fast scout that is able to gather intel and quickly get out of  harm’s way.

Modules can also be used to trick your opponent and disrupt the flow of battle. Take, for example, two modules - Cloak System that grants invisibility and the self-explanatory Self-destruction. Load them up into a couple of smaller, low-cost ships. Voila! You now have a team of invisible kamikaze bombers that will throw a welcome surprise party for your enemy.