Galaxy Conquest

Looking for a deeper experience and a world to explore? Starfall Online has you covered. Whether you are a hunter looking to crush members of enemy factions or an explorer searching for a new secret to uncover, you have a chance to leave an impact on those around you.

Test your fleet in PvE
missions and raids

Each section of the galactic map has its own assortment of randomized missions.

Whether it’s escorting a diplomat to another planet or fighting off pirates that have been harassing travelers, each mission provides an opportunity to test your tactics and improve your fleet. Successfully completing these tasks will give you rewards in the form of currency, resources and equipment.

There are also epic, raid-like missions that you can do with friends or other spacefarers. The rewards for completing them are higher, but they will require team work and coordination if you want to stay alive.

Impact the universe in a
meaningful way

Those brave enough to venture outside of civilized space will earn bigger profits and gain access to more rewarding missions and raids. The Outer Regions, however, are not safe for travelers. It’s a wild west, with no government to enforce the rules. In these lesser explored areas, player run clans can take ownership of different sectors, extract precious resources, collect taxes and establish outposts on various planets.

Every object in the Outer Regions provides certain benefits to its owner, which makes them extremely desirable for possession. Clans will have to fight each other for control of precious territory, as well as forge alliances and collect information to ensure their survival.

Regardless of clan size, the outcome of a battle is decided via an instance-based, team vs. team match. This will help prevent a typical problem in MMOs, where a large alliance dominates the map by sheer numbers.

Whether its territory, scarce resources or the respect of others, Galaxy Conquest truly turns up the pressure, as players have something of real value to lose.