Tactical combat

Combat in Starfall Online is designed to provide a tactical experience. Effective commanders will have to rely on their ability to properly assess the situation, taking into account many factors, such as the equipment of enemy ships, the surrounding environment and the available technology.

A BATTLE experience that is
tailored for you

Starfall Online gives you a range of options for your PvP fix.

The Quick Game and Ranked Game modes provide for short, intense matches that last 10-20 minutes and allow you to get that one last game in. You know, the one where you obliterate your opponent, before going to bed with an evil, satisfied grin on your face.

If you prefer to weave your strategy over days and even weeks, clan warfare is created with just that in mind. Gather friends and followers under your clan banner and set out to the Outer Regions, where there’s free land to be had and territory to conquer.

Attention-grabbing combat

We’ve all been on the receiving end of it. The moment where you say “Damn, that was unfair”, as enemy units fire at your troops across the map, with no regard for distance or strategy. Combat in Starfall Online is different. It’s designed to provide a tactical experience, down to its most basic elements. Here’s just one example:

Unlike most games, projectile impact is calculated in real time here. Instead of  doing all the calculations beforehand and simply playing an animation for an incoming enemy missile, Starfall Online gives you an opportunity to move your unit out of the way and dodge it.

Suddenly, tactical positioning starts to matter.

Comprehensive damage system

In Starfall Online, every vessel consists of several sections and hardpoints that can be damaged and destroyed individually. There is no single ‘health bar’ here. Instead, spaceships have up to 3 attributes associated with it:

Energy shields — protect against energy type damage;
Armor — most effective against physical type damage;
Structure — internal ship systems, it’s ‘vitals’.

Damage is first distributed to shields and armor, depending on the damage type received. Only when there are no defenses left, the ship’s structure will be affected.


When a spaceship takes damage to its structure, there is a chance that one of its components may fail or be destroyed. The closer the component/ship section is to the point of impact, the higher the chance it will fail.

Is that huge turret on an enemy ship doing too much damage? Take it out!

If you are chasing a fleeing enemy spaceship, keep in mind that its engines will eventually give out, as your unit keeps attacking the enemy from the back, making it easy prey.

This also means that ship collision can be used strategically. Let’s say your ship is taking too much damage and is about to blow up. Simply direct it at the enemy flotilla, speed up and enjoy the fireworks as it slams into your opponent’s troops, making him pay dearly for your lost unit.